Mrs. McMahon
Mr. Peters Music
 Mr. Jones
Art Curriculum
: metaphor: Zentangle-inspired symbols, color & perception: color schemes with cropped images, connecting art to the human experience: Wayne Thiebaud clay cake boxes
5th: visual problem solving; one point perspective city drawing, structure and the human form; people in motion sculptures, value & perspective; optical illusion artwork
4th: abstraction: Pablo Picasso-inspired paintings, landscape and rules: Salvador Dali-inspired sculpture, aspects of color: monochromatic mandala paintings
3rd: emotions in color; warm & cool colored weaving, public art, architecture: clay castle towers
2nd: still life: Vincent Van Gogh-inspired watercolor paintings, portraits: self-portrait necklaces, landscape: creating the illusion of space
1st: visual vocabulary: Piet Mondrian-inspired paintings with primary colors, sequence and patterns: paper weaving, steps in a process: clay pinch pot fish sculpture
Kinder: cutting and gluing, pre-weaving techniques, exploring artistic media

Music Curriculum
Music Website Link

AMP Daily Schedule

9:05 -9:50  6th Grade
9:55-10:40  5th Grade

10:45-11:30  4th Grade

11:35-12:20  3rd Grade

12:25-1:45  Plan Period

1:50-2:35  2nd Grade

2:40-3:25  1st Grade

PE Curriculum
K-2: spatial awareness, basic locomotor and manipulative skills, throwing, catching & kicking, balance, nutrition, working independently & with others, using feedback to improve performance, integration of skills into simple games.

3-6: games for understanding of territorial/invasion, net/wall, target, striking/field; elements of skill-related fitness, setting health and fitness goals, evaluating health & fitness goals, F.I.T.T principle, community connections & physical activity, nutrition, TEAM, elements of good sportsmanship, movement control for safe participation in physical activity.
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