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Mrs. McMahon, Art
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Mrs McMahonArt Curriculum
: visual problem solving; one point perspective city drawing, structure and the human form; people in motion sculptures, value & perspective; optical illusion artwork
4th: abstraction: Pablo Picasso-inspired paintings, landscape and rules: Salvador Dali-inspired sculpture, aspects of color: monochromatic mandala paintings
3rd: emotions in color; warm & cool colored weaving, public art, architecture: clay castle towers
2nd: still life: Vincent Van Gogh-inspired watercolor paintings, portraits: self-portrait necklaces, landscape: creating the illusion of space
1st: visual vocabulary: Piet Mondrian-inspired paintings with primary colors, sequence and patterns: paper weaving, steps in a process: clay pinch pot fish sculpture
Kinder: cutting and gluing, pre-weaving techniques, exploring artistic media

Mr. Peters, Music
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Mr. PetersMusic Curriculum
Steady beat, singing and playing in groups, simple songs, reading iconic notation and solfege.

3-5: Steady beat, singing in multiple parts using more complex literature. Multiple instrument parts- polyrhythms, keeping one's own part in a more complex musical framework solfege, recorders, ukuleles, reading written music.

Mr. Quinn, Physical Education
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It is my hope that through the Belmar P.E. program I will help your students develop physical literacy. We break it down into 4 parts and this guides our teaching for any unit or focus we do throughout the year in P.E.

Motivation and Confidence: This refers to your students' enthusiasm for, enjoyment of and self-assurance in adopting physical activity as an integral part of life.

Physical Competence: This is what most think of P.E. as, developing movement skills and patterns. Enhanced physical competence allows students to be able to participate in wide range of physical activities.

Knowledge and Understanding: This is your students' ability to identify and express the essential qualities that influence movement, understand health benefits of physically active life, and appreciate appropriate safety measure in a variety of physical activity settings.

Engagement in Physical Activities for Life: This is your student taking personal responsibility for physical literacy by freely choosing to be active on a regular basis.

Activities will change year to year and become more challenging as students get older, but these core values of Physical Literacy remain in every unit every year.
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