3rd Grade

Mrs. Steffensen  
303 982-2965
Mrs. Saeger
303 982-3892
Understanding the world
Characters' journeys
Main Idea in non-fiction & fiction
Researching a variety of sources
Making connections btw texts
Tackling complex texts

Personal narrative
Crafting stories
Writing to explain
Research writing
Opinion writing
Writing to learn

Multidigit addition & subtraction
Multiplication & division
Multiples 0-10
Measurement, time & graphs
Word problems, writing equations
Perimeter & area

Circle of life
Earth's materials
Forms of matter

Social Studies
Roles, rights & responsibilities
Metropolitan areas
Economic marketplace
The first Americans
Daily Schedule
8:45 Soft Start
9:05 Math
10:30 Reading
11:05 Excel/Snack
11:35 Specials
12:20 Reading
12:45 Recess/Lunch
1:25 Class Meeting
1:35 Reading/Writing
3:25 Closing/Dismissal

9:05 Science, Social Studies & Library on Fridays

Home Connection
Please help students memorize their multiplication tables through 12 X 12.

Students must read every night for 30 minutes, and are encouraged to write down vocabulary words they do not know or cannot pronounce.

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